About Us

Introducing the newest revolutionary skincare that will transform the skin’s appearance with cutting edge ingredients giving back a youthful, supple glow with a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Seratopical advanced anti-aging skincare combines the most powerful clinical ingredients, along with premium CBD for expert results. This cutting-edge formula is full of plant-based stem cells that quenches your skin with moisture and is sensually delightful and incredibly powerful.

Seratopical’s founder and CEO, Nancy Duitch, figured out a way to take a successful clinically tested anti-aging formula, created by women for women, and infuse the highest quality CBD, that acts as an ingredient activator and natural delivery system, allowing for ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

What makes Seratopical different is that we have control of our product from seed to shipment. We work exclusively with GMP-certified manufacturing, all products are guaranteed, made from organically grow and harvested CBD and made in the USA. We use rigorous testing for all our products, from testing the raw hemp, to testing the finished product before it goes to market. All testing is done through third-party laboratories to ensure the absence of metals, pesticides and herbicides. We pride ourselves on customer education, transparency of Certificates of Analysis and third-party testing to ensure purity and consistency.

The Seratopical line was created to:

  • Help smooth fine lines & wrinkles
  • Help boost hydration
  • Help refine skin texture
  • Help condition the skin
  • Help increase collage synthesis
  • Help repair damaged skin
  • Help even skin tone
  • Help firm sagging skin
  • Help protect against free radicals
  • Help you feel confidant in the skin you’re in!

What inspired the creation of the line?

Founder and CEO, Nancy Duitch, lost her brother and sister to a heart condition when they were in their 20s, and she inherited the potential same fate. Duitch can’t risk the use of epinephrine meaning she can’t opt for elective surgeries.

Duitch has always been on the lookout for the best skincare regimens, how to keep her skin youthful and how to stay healthy. She has always done whatever it takes including exercise, diet, and living a healthy life while investigating all the newest ingredients that come on the market in order to improve her skin. Duitch has worked on 4 major skincare lines that she has brought to market over her career, and each one got progressively better in quality and results, all for the purpose of being the best anti-aging skincare on the market.

When Duitch discovered CBD and how it worked with the other clinically tested ingredients in the product, it really made a difference on her skin, by creating a more even skin tone, helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, making her skin look younger and healthier, with a radiant glow. She was so excited to share with women of all ages who want to look and feel younger. The timing couldn’t be better to offer solutions as more consumers are embracing natural options to looking healthy versus surgical intervention. This was Duitch’s time to bring Seratopical to the market and give people something they can trust and make a difference in their lives.

We strategically focus on the most advanced scientific practices along with the highest quality ingredients to provide a product that is both safe and quality-consistent with an effective value pricing proposition for consumers.

Sera Labs is dedicated to our customers. We proudly grow and manufacturer all of our products in the USA. We use both full spectrum and isolate CBD derived from hemp that is organically grown without herbicides or pesticides, in clean, toxin-free soil and water. The hemp is then sent to an FDA approved facility for CO2 extraction. This process removes all metals and toxins while capturing the CBD hemp extract that’s 99% pure and rich in therapeutic benefits. Because we extract CBD from the hemp plant, which has now been reclassified as an agricultural product, our CBD products are THC free, safe for use, and will not create a “high”.

When you buy products from Sera Labs, you know that you’re getting CBD products you can trust. We source the highest quality raw materials and have all our products tested by third-party laboratories for purity and consistency, allowing them to be a step above other brands. Our company’s goal is to provide CBD products that are 100% safe to use and consume. We embrace holistic and natural ways to allow you to get on with your day. We at Sera Labs are dedicated to providing you with everything you’ll need to support your health & wellness journey!


Saving Sophie is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on providing unlimited online educational resources to families who have been stricken by illness. With a mission to raise funds for groundbreaking research, it is our goal to support scientists who are working towards bringing less toxic therapies to market. While Sera Labs is proud to support Saving Sophie and medical research, our products are not designed or intended to treat illnesses or the side effects of treatments.