When someone asks, “How are you,” your response these days will most likely be, “Stressed out.” There is  chaos abound, haunting our thoughts and our sleep. The all too real pandemic is more than we can handle. But we are handling it because we have courage. Photo of Woman suffering from stress or a headache grimacing in pain as she


Los Angeles & Oxnard, CA - December 8, 2020 – CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings (OTCQB: CURR) wholly owned subsidiary The SeraLabs, Inc., has enlisted Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning Nicole Kidman as the brand’s first-ever strategic business partner and global brand ambassador for their topical products. In addition to being the face of the brand, Kidman will play an integral


OK so lifes a bit of bummer right now-- can’t exercise, gyms are closed, hiking trails are closed, WHAT TO DO?  LET'S EXERCISE OUR FACES! That’s right, collagen is stimulated naturally, just by moving around.   So, let’s move Seratopical Super Booster Serum, infused with 300mg CBD, antioxidants, triple peptides, and plant stem cells around on our faces!  READY SET... Put it

Your Skin on Sugar and Glycation

Your Skin on Sugar: How the (not so) sweet and sneaky saboteur is taking a toxic toll on your looks Warning:  Beauty bombshell about to be dropped in 3-2-1…There’s yet another sour reason to skip the sweet stuff STAT!  Glycation.  Not be confused with vacation, which is actually a proven skin savior, “glycation” is the “not-so-sweet,” subsequent side effect of

Can a pill make us more beautiful?

5 BEAUTY-BOOSTING SUPPLEMENTS WORTH TRYING According to Nutritional Therapist, Éva Hamilton, we have two different ages: achronological age that determines how many years we’ve been living; and a biological age that reflects the health of our cells, including the vitality of our skin. And while we can’t change our chronological age, the good news is we can combat the effects

Say “I Do” to Beautiful Skin Before the Big Day

Whether standing by your friend’s side or prepping for your own nuptials, getting ready for a wedding day takes tremendous patience and a lot of organization. You can pin, plan, pick and choose your way through every detail, but some things tend to slip through the cracks. Caring for your skin from head to toe can be one of those

Exercise Your Way to Healthier Skin

It’s not a secret that your entire body can benefit from the effects of exercise. Your skin is the largest organ you have, so cleansing it from the inside out with a good workout is the key to looking your best. With so many exercise options available, it’s important to know how each type of workouts can affect your skin.

4 Foods You Should Stop Eating Because They Clog Pores

We've been getting so much positive feedback on our CBD Radiant Glow facial oil as an acne aid that we’ve decided to share 4 foods to avoid if you're having trouble with acne! The causes of adult acne vary depending on the individual. Everything from genetics to your skincare routine, hormones, and diet affect the condition of your skin. When